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The Nihilist ep4 part 1:

The Nihilist Episode 4 part 1 is in its final stage of production. I’m unsure how long it will be
before its finally complete. But I would guess about a month more. But I’m not 100& sure so i could
be wrong. I think everyone will relay enjoy this one. For this next coming episode I have increased the animation quality dramatically compaired
to the old style of doing things. And this time I want the audio to be top notch. Voice acting
however will remain the same, if not a litle bit better. After i’m done with part one i was thinking of taking a small brake from the series to work on one or two different animations before hoping on part 2. Partly to take a brake and try some other ideas i have and also to work on my backgrounds and more dynamic camera work. After one or two animations i will then jump back on this series and go crazy.


Sometimes I post some of my art work here on the sight.