Nihilist Episode 4 Update!

So after a few frustrating production cycles with using clip paint studio as my main animation software I have finally found a replacement for said purpose. While I will still be using clip paint for some static background set pieces and thumb nails, I will be using OpenToonz for the animation bits. Unfortunately this will also change the look of the line work in my characters. I will be keeping the scratch line style that I have been drawing in, but due to the fact that OT is primarily an animation program the brushes are not quite up to snuff to what CP brought to the table. On a positive note I can now INPORT FUCKING AUDIO into the project. This means that I can make better lip flaps and better animations over all. Having said that I can now break form the web style animation to a more fluid style. At leas as fluid as I can make it at my level of animation skills. So the overall presentation should go up in quality. This means that the overall time to produce each episode will also take longer.

As iv stated on twitter and Newgrouds, the next episode had to be cut into two parts due to how long it will be. Im looking forward to advancing the story and take you all on a wild ride. As a bit of a teaser/trailer I will be releasing a small demo hopefully soon, but it depends on how many times the computer im working with crashes. Yes I still have yet to buy myself a new work computer. But hopefully soon.

Also worth mentioning is that if clip paint EVER gives me the option of importing audio than I’m witching back faster than light travels threw the vacuum of space. And if anything I will use Opentoonz to color in my characters. Assuming that it would allow me to do so with ease. Also to add effects like glow and other cool things seeing as Clip Pint dose not let you do things like that so easily. But regardless keep an eye out for the teaser soon guys.