About Me?

Hay there, I’m Mike Roe. Im an audio nerd and amateur animator who makes online animations and reviews here on the site and on YouTube. Iv been drawing, recording audio, and studying different artistic traits for years before finally deciding that I wanted to do my own thing and make content for who ever wanted to see it. I’m very passionate when it comes to the things I love, and I always give 100%. Even if that means I run myself into the ground doing it.

I believe that the as a viewer we should expect more from the Medea we consume. When I watch something, or play a game I like it to make me think. I like to explore new ideas and concepts. I also HATE censorship, and as such I don’t make content that is “in my opinion” mind numbing dribble easily digestible to a complacent and vapid audience of mentally triggered tumblrites and norms. In short, I don’t make “save content” or promote “safe spaces”. Im a free thinker who promotes creativity and free expression. That being said,  welcome one and all. I love telling stories and I love making videos with personality and heart. Welcome my friends, to my little slice of madness. Welcome to HalfCracked Animator.