Nihilist Characters

Name: Matthew O’bryan

Age: 12

Statice: Deceased

Mathew is from a single parent house hold where he lives alone with his neglectful mother. Mathew’s relation ship with his father is non existent being as he died in Iraq a few years ago. Despite this Mathew was an upbeat positive boy with many friends. This is until he started having vivid night terrors, and started experiencing visual and audio hallucinations. Before he took his own life by using his fathers old shotgun he was admitted to a hospital for self inflicted injures only after a few of his teachers complained of his “disruptive” behaviour. Claiming that he could hear the bad man under his skin. Mathew took his life wile his mother drank herself asleep.



Name: Cindy Winchester

Age: 13

Statice: Alive

Skills: Computer programing (code baby), Minor mystic abilities (stunted due to lack of use)

Cindy lives in a two family house hold with her mother and father. But due to conflicting personalities and political beliefs the two are selfishly facing marital problems. Due to this Cindy has developed a nihilistic outlook on life and is considered an outcast by her pears and herself. She suffers from a lack of confidence and control do to her turbulent home life. To get back that feeling of control and power she took to the internet and created different accounts, assuming different identities to manipulate other. One night during a deep depression she called out one night to anyone who would listen. She was than contacted by a being who called himself <error>. Shortly afterwards she disappeared for 3 months. She was considered kidnaped and it nearly ripped her parents apart. However she was returned to them only now she had a long scar fallowing her spine. Doctors diagnosis is unconfirmed at this time, but there dose not seem to be any evidence of abuse or evidence of any tool being use to make the scar. Soon after that with the help of <error> Cindy “made” Voo. For a time she used her new found abilities to her advantage. But Soon her online exploits yielded more favorable results than the arcane did and she soon abandoned the practice almost completely. However she performs small rituals so as to keep Voo fed. After all he is her only real friend in this world.





Name: Voo

Age: Unknown, but created in 2017

Statice: A living engine of Chaos

Skills: Able to amplify Cindy’s magical abilities. Unable to cast spells himself due to malnourishment. 


Voo was created or conjured by Cindy with the help of <error> some time in 2017. Voo feeds on the energy’s and effects from the spells Cindy casts. He can draw enrichment from strong emotions like pain, sorrow, suffering, madness, love happiness and any powerful consequence of a spell. However due to Cindys reliance of modern communication technology he can be considered malnourished and is unable to store up any excess power to act upon his own volition. He is completely reliant on Cindy to provide him food. It go’s without saying that there relationship is a bit rocky but he has alway been there for her and vise versa. Voo has no memory prier to his creation/conjuring. But he dose have knowledge pre programed into his dead pertaining to magic and how it works, as well as his role in it. The only thing that makes him think he existed before his life with Cindy are small flashes of what he thinks are memories. However they always make him feel sad, lonely, and in pain. So he usually try to shake them off. Voo dose have free will and can choose not to help Cindy in her spells if he chose to. However this would rob him of his nourishment.



Name: <error>

Age: <error>

Statice: <error>

Skills: <error>